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Over the years, I have heard of many fanciers who claim to have been victims of the bad business conduct of Mojave Breeding Station. I personally have had no financial dealings with Mojave Breeding Station, but back in 2005, I purchased several racing pigeons off of the Pigeon Paradise website managed by the Gyselbrecht family.

Back in May of 2005, I was fortunate to acquire one record bird from the auction sale of Robert Venus. Because of sickness, Robert Venus was reducing his loft and offered on the auction a recently acquired family of birds he had purchased from John Stoll. Some time after the auction closed, I received an email from someone tellimg me about Mojave Breeding Station and how they ship birds internationally ( When I visited the link I found listed on the website, two birds that were also in the very auction from which I purchased my record bird. As I read the description of these recent auction purchases on the Mojave Breeding Station website, I noticed that the descriptions were inaccurate. I went back to the Pigeon Paradise website and again read the auction description of the same birds. What I found was that the description on the Mojave Breeding Station website, was not the same as the description on the Pigeon Paradise website.

I immediately did two things, I sent an email to the Gyselbrecht family (see attachment below) notifying them of the false advertising by Mojave Breeding Station, and I sent an email to the 970 members of the Pigeon Mailing List, so that they could investigate on their own and see for themselves whether Mojave Breeding Station was advertising the pedigrees and race records of these birds (or their close relatives) correctly.

You will find the email I sent to the PML below, it is called "Concern about listing.eml"
The email I sent to the Gyselbrecht family is also found below, it is called "Re_adress.eml"

Because these are eml files if you open them by clicking on the link, you will get the format of your browser, which displays only the body of the message as though they were text messages. If you open them with your email program, they will display as an email with all the fields like body, subject, to, from, date, etc. It is more difficult to display as an email and you will probably need to save the files to your hard drive and then open them. They should open in your email program.

John Vance

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I too have heard various complaints about Mojave Breeding Station. The Pigeon Mailing List (PML) periodically has someone send in a complaint about being cheated in some transaction. This is usually followed by lots of other people repeating the warnings that have been posted over the years involving Gary Lane. To the person who has been cheated out of their money, this is like closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out.

While I feel sorry for anyone who has been defrauded by these crooks, there is little I can do but commiserate. I live in the Antelope Valley and most of us locals know he is a crook. He keeps using the internet to find new victims. Mary ( in New Jersey seems willing to help him fleece new people. Even though I have never met Gary (or Buck or any other alias) and I have never lost any money to him, I exchanged email with Mary to warn her about his character flaws. Back in August 2005, my web page contained warnings about these crooks. I have seen others say good things about Mary, but in my view she is his accomplice and deserves her share of the blame. She was warned and knows what has been going on. She is no different than the driver of the getaway car in a bank robbery.

I do not need to lose money to these crooks to call a spade a spade. I am the race secretary at AVO and I asked Jim Edgeworth about his dealings with MBS when Jim was Southern Vice President of the California State Racing Pigeon Organization. Jim Edgeworth was foggy about some details but he clearly remembered being drug into the mess because Jim has a mail address in the city of Mojave. I personally asked another CSRPO official about Gary during a Bakersfield CSRPO Convention. That was back in the time when the AU was expelling Gary. The major pigeon organizations have expelled him and refuse to deal with him. Like I said, the locals know he is a crook and we can only WARN others to avoid him like the plague. Just like the email I sent Mary, I do try to warn others who may not know about his history. I am posting this reply because I hope the search engines pick it up. It would be even better if law enforcement personnel checked into the details and held him accountable. Plenty of us have spoken up to share what we know. I hope that in the future, people will do a little research about MBS before they send in any money.


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