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You have been trying for some time to develop your email advertising and newsletter projects. Admirable task to be involved with. As I mentioned in my reply to your earlier email, it is not something I want to be involved with.

I a disappointed that you have time to market your emails and newsletter but not to write original materials. In two of your last three emails, I see my material all over it and I do not give you permission to use it for commercial purposes.

If you want to charge hundreds of dollars for your advertising ventures, that is fine, but be original and write your own material. And if you find original work that is so good that you cannot write it better, than even if you do not ask permission, at least tell everyone where you copied the material from.

I would ask everyone not to become involved with Marc's projects, he obviously does not have to time to write his own materials and like many on the internet he favors using other's work, as if they were his own. Why do that? what is the purpose of your email advertising and newsletter projects? Is it just to recirculate other's original works without asking or giving credit? Is it because you want to make money and do not have the time to do the work yourself? We do not need more of that in our sport. What we need is sportsmanship.

When you see his newsletter and emails and see articles without his name attributed to the original work, and he does not attribute the work to anyone else with a link to the original internet location, it is a good guess, that he is using someone else's work for his own commercial profit.

Several years ago, I got tired of people taking my materials and using them for their own commercial projects without so much as attributing the material to me. So, I started to copyright my material and even though my copyright policy forbids the use of my materials. You can read about my copyright materials at the bottom of this page.

None the less, you are still using my materials against my copyright policies. The most blatant use in your newest email / newsletter commercial venture is my article on the early history of the sport (The Early Days of Pigeon Racing in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Scranton and more) which can be found here:

Don't be a taker, we have way to many of those in our sport. If you want to create something, create something you can be proud of, write your own materials for your own newsletter / email commercial venture.

We all use the internet to research our articles, but you need to create your own material out of that research. It is not sufficient to just change the order of one or two lines of someone else's hard work and then not give credit to the author.

You also used material from my other website on the pigeon sport in Lebanon (Hobby lives on in gardens, rooftops, and coffee shops despite hard times and dwindling numbers) and even though that material had the original source at the top, you used that material and omitted the original source, the Lebanese newspaper "The Daily Star".

Anyone wanting to check this out, need only put the title in Google and you will see my website as the first listing and even in the Google listing I give credit to "The Daily Star", but you deleted that reference so as to not give credit to anyone but your email / newsletter.

I hope that GLOBAL PIGEON SUPPLIES, the AMAZING ONE LOFT RACE, BOB ROBERSON'S LUCKY 17 ONE LOFT RACE , and the EMERALD CLASSIC ONE LOFT RACE, all pull their sponsorship of your newsletter / email venture. Surely, they are on the side of sportsmanship and fair play and as such, should not be supporting your commercial endeavor.

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