2015 Yearling Challenge

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We are creating a new competition for fanciers who fly those One Loft Race Series which are normally held between February – May.

If you place birds in all three of the following race series for 2015 – 2016, you will be automatically entered in our Yearling Challenge competition.

The three races are:

California Late Hatch Classic
Spring Break
High Desert Yearling Classic

Winners will be declared based on the elapse time of their first bird clocked in the final race of each of these three race series. For example, if the elapse time of your first bird clocked in the final race of each series was:

Final Race of the Series Elapse Time
California Late Hatch Classic 08:29:54
Spring Break 09:06:21
High Desert Yearling Classic 08:44:37
Total elapse time 26:20:52

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