The Quiet Breeder: “De Wandelaar”

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The Quiet Breeder: “De Wandelaar”
Submitted by: John Vance

I like to research pedigrees, and recently while doing some research for a friend in Australia, I came across the pedigree of NL-86-339656 a daughter of “De Wandelaar” NL 80-1987017. It was a surprise to find the “De Wandelaar” mentioned on a pedigree, as I have known about him for some time, but had never done any research into his background, other than knowing that he was a son of the 15 x 1st Place winner, “Verbart 46”. The only reason I even know about “De Wandelaar” is that his daughter NL-86-339656, is the mother of Wonderboys 05 & 06, the 2nd and 4th National Ace Pigeons of Holland, in 1990.

You would have to be Rip Van Winkle, not to know about the Wonderboys 05 & 06. Over the past 23 years, I know of no other birds that show up on pedigrees in the USA more than the Wonderboys 05 & 06 and their close relatives “James Bond” and the “Famous 05”.

I have a rather extensive family tree of the Wonderboys 05 & 06, going back to the Janssen Brother’s “post war” foundation hen the “WonderVoske of ‘45”. This family tree, documents the blending of three major Janssen influences, into the creation of this family.

The strongest influence has to be the Golden Pair (Vechter of ‘57 and Witpenneke of ‘54) of Jos Van Limpt “De Klak”. The children of Vechter of ‘57 and Witpenneke of ‘54, have founded many of the greatest short and middle distance lofts of Europe. It was breeding stock down from the Golden Pair, mixed with the Janssen Brother’s Bange of ‘51 and Schoon Licht of ‘51 bloodlines, that Wout Smeulders used to found his highly successful family of Janssen based race birds.

Bertie Camphius, set Holland on fire, when he crossed the Smeulders’ Janssen family on the Albert Van Der Flaes family of Janssens. Top race bird, after top race bird were the result from this crossing with the most well known being the Famous 05 (1st National Ace Pigeon of the Netherlands in 1981), James Bond (1st National Ace Pigeon of the Netherlands in 1984) and Wonderboys 05 & 06 (2nd and 4th National Ace Pigeons of the Netherlands in 1990).

The mother of James Bond, was a full sister to “NL78-2207007” (the maternal grandmother of the Wonderboys 05 & 06), and was also a full sister to the Famous 05. The father of the Wonderboys 05 & 06 was a half brother of both the paternal grandfather and paternal grandmother of James Bond. In fact, most of the birds that made Bertie Camphius famous were closely related, except for “De Wandelaar”.

“De Wandelaar” was related in that his father (H-65-1384946) was the world famous Verbart 46 ~ 15 x 1st. The Verbart 46 was a son of De Klak’s Golden Pair (Vechter of ‘57 and Witpenneke of ‘54), but De Wandelaar’s mother (NL-72-5129776) was from Jan Grondelaers, a daughter of Grondelaers’ De Chateauroux (B-66-6107809) the 1st Semi National Chateauroux winner, when mated to Raymond Cobut’s “Montauban” (B-66-73466), the 1st National Montauban Hens winner.

There is a good chance that many of you do not know who Raymond Cobut was, as he was a dominate figure in our sport from about 1968 – 1987. So, I will take some time to share his racing highlights.

Having an understanding about the history of the Cobut strain will only enrich your appreciation for the contribution that “De Wandelaar” has made, as a breeder, to the sprint and middle distance National Championships between 1990 – 1994.

Raymond Cobut, was a master at flying hens.
Between 1968 and 1987, he won 12 x 1st National Hens and 4 x 1st International Hens (no doubling)
1968 ~ 1st National Limoges
1969 ~ 1st National Cahors, 1st National Montauban
1970 ~ 1st– 4th International Marseille
1977 ~ 1st– 4th National Brive, 1 National Montauban
1978 ~ 1st Semi National Chateauroux, 1 National Montauban
1979 ~ 1st National Chateauroux
1981 ~ 1st National Cahors, 1st International Lourdes
1982 ~ 1st National & 1st International Barcelona
1983 ~ 1st & 2nd National + 1st & 3rd International Barcelona
1986 ~ 1st National La Souterraine
1987 ~ 1st National Cahors

Don’t think that Raymond Cobut, was just about the hens, his males flew as well if not better. In fact, he set some records that will be hard to beat. For example in 1977, there were 6137 birds released at the Brive National Race. Cobut placed eight birds in the top 1%; 22 birds in the top 10%; and 38 birds in the top 25%, out of 79 birds shipped winning (2, 7, 13, 19, 37, 40, 59, 61, 75, 87, 175, 179, 183, 216, 224, 302, 328, 399, 454, 488, 508, 604th, etc). In the hens competition he won eight of the first 10 postions (1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10th).

Cobut, seemed to excel when the weather was bad, the temperature was hot or the wind was in your face. Emile Deny, who placed 6th National from Cahors in 1981 had this to say about that race: “Cahors 1981 was a murderous race. The pigeons bumped on a cold front: the sky was a massive cloud and the wind was blowing from the north”. He then goes on to acknowledge a great performance by saying, “This was the race that Cobut placed 2nd and 4th National”.

Two years later, in 1983, the Barcelona race was particularly bad, as the weather was very hot. In this race, Raymond Cobut again placed 2nd and 4th National and both birds placed in the top five Internationally. I do not know if any other fancier ever placed two birds in the top 4 Nationally or in the top 5 Internationally from Barcelona, except for Raymond Cobut!

In 1968, Cobut shipped 16 birds to the Barcelona race and clocked 6 in the top 100 International.

In 1973, the Barcelona race was considered a disaster and after seven days they closed the race. Many fanciers were hard pressed to get on the race sheet, but Raymond Cobut, astounded the competition by clocking 59.6% of his entries (31 of 52 shipped) in the top 17%.

Out of 8515 birds shipped, only about 460 made it home on the first day of clocking and Raymond had 16 of them, including 5 of his top 6 pick birds. Cobut, placed 7 birds in the top 100 International (22, 26, 35, 49, 70, 75, 96).

One very memorable year, was 1980, that was the year that Raymond Cobut, had the 1st & 2nd Tokyo Olympiade Medal winners (long distance sports class), 1st National Montauban, 13th & 16th National Bourges, 2nd & 6th National Brive, 10th & 16th National Cahors, 1st National Ace Pigeon ('Bon Bleu' ~ 21719 - 76) & 1st National Ace Pigeon Fond ('Montauban' ~ 21774 - 76) ~ La Colombophilie Belge. The crowning achievement for the year, was that 'Montauban' not only won the 1st National Montauban, but was also the 2nd National Brive, the 1st National Ace Pigeon Fond winner and topped it all off by winning the 1st Place Medal at the Tokyo Olympiade (long distance sports class).

The KDBD, at that time had a long distance championship for clocking your 1st & 2nd Nominated birds in five National races (Brive, Cahors, Montauban, Limoges and St. Vincent). For the three years that I have records, Cobut put up excellent results; in 1979 he placed 4th, in 1980 he placed 4th and in 1981 he placed 8th. Cobut, was the only fancier to place in the top 10 for all three years. Guido Seys and Kameil De Zutter, were each able to place in the top 10 for two of the three years. No other fanciers in Belgium, were able to make the top 10 more than once.

In 1981 and again in 1982, Raymond Cobut won the 2nd National Champion Loft ~ La Colombophilie Belge. 1982 was also the year that 'Le Bon Junior' (good yearling) won the 1st Place Medal at the Prague Olympiade (long distance sports class).

Though I only have partial race records for Raymond Cobut up to 1983, I know that he raced successfully right up until 1993. His family of birds produced National and International Winners from 360 – 600 miles, and had a reputation for spectacular results when the races got tough.

Jan Grondelaers’ decision to acquire Cobut’s “Montauban” (the 1st National Montauban Hens winner) and mate her to his best breeder, “De Chateauroux”, turned out to be an excellent choice. The Cobut blood put 'iron' into the Janssen bloodline, without slowing it down.

However, Grondelaers was not the only one making waves in the sport using Cobut's birds as crosses on sprint and middle distance birds. P. Van Den Borre, made a reputation as a top sprint champion, by sending three birds to the olympiades between 1976 – 1978. The most famous of these was a hen called the 'Witte'.

The 'Witte' was the 2nd place Olympiade medal winner at Blackpool, in 1976. Her 1975 – 1976 Olympiade race record was 4 x 1st and 21 x in the top 10%. Over her race career, The 'Witte', accumulated a record of 11 x 1st and 51 x in the top 10% (no doubles). The 'Witte' like many of her loft mates benefited from the 'iron' blood of the Cobut loft.

More recently, Fréderick Philippe, known in Belgium as the King of the Sprint, has won over the past 20 years, the following titles; 3 x 1st National Sprint Champion & 3 x 2nd National Sprint Champion (Belgische Duivensport). Fréderick Philippe, introduced children of “Beziers” (Cobut bloodlines) direct from Alain & Luc Vandenbergh, with great success.

“Beziers”, is the foundation sire for Alain & Luc Vandenbergh, and is of Raymond Cobut origin. Recent wins down from the Beziers include ‘BE06-822’~ In 2008, won 34th Nat. Bourges I - 19,084 birds and 95th Nat. Bourges II - 11,875 birds, winning 2nd Ace Pigeon Bourges I + II 2008 (Pipa Ranking). In 2009, ‘BE06-822’ won the 8th Inter-provincial Vichy - 3,821 birds and the 4th Nat. Champion Middle Distance KBDB. ‘BE07-563’ is another Raymond Cobut “Beziers” bloodline, top performer that in 2009 won ~ 4th International Narbonne - 14,505 birds.

Many of you may be familiar with the Eijerkamp's famous long distance family based on 91-1471583 “Black Giant”. What you may not be aware of is that Eijerkamp has another outstanding long distance family based on a breeding pair he received from Raymond Cobut.

The Cobut pair, bred 82-2121539 “De Musketier” ~ 1st Prov. Chateauroux in 1983, 5th National Perpignan in 1985 and 9th National Marseille in 1986. His son, “Blauwe Musketier” was, in 1989, a 1st Provincial winner and then went on to place 20th National Barcelona. His son, “Jonge Musketier” was the 2nd Provincial / 49th National Pau in 1994, also winning prizes from St Vincent, Dax and Perpignan. “Jonge Musketier” was also the father of; 20th Nat. Ruffec, 46th Nat. St. Vincent, 51st Nat. Dax and 66th Nat. Dax.

A famous grandson of “Jonge Musketier”, is “Drogba” ~ who is the best 2nd day (overnight) racer in Holland over the past decade. His record includes; 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon 2 day racing “WHZB” in 2006, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon 2 day racing “Best of the Best” in 2006, 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon 2 day racing “Best of the Best” in 2007, 7th NPO Perigueux 2006 - 6,985 birds, 15th NPO Brive 2006 - 6,536 birds, 25th Nat. Bergerac 2006 - 17,506 birds, 46th NPO Perigueux 2007 - 6,843 birds, 60th Nat. Bergerac 2007 - 7,309 birds.

Children and grandchildren of “Drogba” have won: 3rd Nat. Bordeaux 2009 - 8,059 birds, 18th Nat Montpellier 2011 - 7,856 birds, 27th Nat. Bordeaux 2010 - 6,449 birds and 97th Nat. Cahors 2011 - 7,216 birds.

Raymond Cobut, started racing in 1948 and retired from the pigeon sport, in 1993. Over 45 years, he kept a highly inbred family based on the Commine and Bricoux bloodlines. He specialized in races from 350 to 600 miles though he preferred to race Barcelona. Now, 20 years after his retirement, we find both long distance and sprint fanciers, still acknowledging the contribution of the Cobut bloodlines to their own race results. It is a rare occurrence, to find a family of birds that are sought after, by both the long and the short / middle distance specialists.

Thank you for letting me take you on this journey into the history and performances of the Cobut bloodlines. This information, I hope, will help you more fully comprehend the value of “De Wandelaar”, as a 'breakout' breeder.

Returning now to the Janssen bloodlines of “De Wandelaar”, we find that his father was the World famous Verbart 46, and his mother was a daughter of Jan Grondelaers’ De Chateauroux, whose mother (B-58-6104494) was a daughter of the Janssen Brother’s famous “Blauwe van 48” B-48-6445161 when mated to “Schoon Licht of ‘51”. De Chateauroux’s sire (B-60-6238884) was a son of De Oude Donkere (B-50-6615448).

De Chateauroux, was 4 x 1st Ace pigeon, 3 x 1st from Chateauroux (including 1st Semi National in 1968), and 2 years in a row the 6th National Ace, in one of the nationally organized competitions.

De Oude Donkere, was on the first widowhood team the Janssen brothers ever flew. Up until that time, their father 'Drieske' only allowed flying the natural system. After his death, the brothers started up with widowhood and De Oude Donkere was one of their top race birds. Wim and Jan van Tuil had great success with the Oude Donkere blood, which came down to them through Jos van Limpt, de Klak. You can read more about the Tuil brothers, in Steven van Breemen's best selling book "The Art of Breeding".

From the above description, you can see that “De Wandelaar” was rich in the very best of the Janssen Brother's bloodlines with his father Verbart 46 and his grandfather De Chateauroux, putting up exceptional race results.

Many of you semi old timers might remember that the “Blauwe van 48”, the “Bange of ‘51” and the “Schoon Licht of ‘51”, were all grandparents of the “Blauwe van Lier”, which Campbell Strange imported to the USA. Many of you might also know that the “Blauwe van Lier” was the grand sire of the “Vos de Bijter” and also the sire of the “Schone Vos ‘72”, two of the best Albert Van Der Flaes Red Janssen Breeders.

Now, the “Vos de Bijter” and the “Schone Vos ‘72”, were the parents of the famous “Rooie Appie” (15x1st) and also NL-74-1262495 “Brother Rooie Appie”. It was NL-74-1262495 when mated to Wout Smeulders’ N-72-516418 that produced: the “Famous 05” (1st National Ace), “Annie” the mother of James Bond (1st National Ace), and NL78-2207007 the grandmother of Wonderboys 05 & 06 (2nd & 4th National Aces). Was there ever a better mating?

Wout Smeulders’ N-72-516418, was a granddaughter of both the “Olympiade 08” and the “Oude Schallie of ‘58” both being closely related to the “Bange of ‘51” and the “Schoon Licht of ‘51”. “Olympiade 08” and the “Oude Schallie of ‘58”, were also the grandparents of the Super 637 and the Super 531 (15x1st, 102 prizes over 8 years).

The Super 637, was the sire of “De General” (4x1st, 87 prizes, 30 times in the top 10%) and the Terminator (5x1st, 26 prizes, 13 times in the top 10%). The General, founded a whole line of National race winners for Eijerkamp, and the Terminator was exported to Canada where he left his mark on the North American pigeon sport.

The Terminator also left his mark in Europe as he was the grandsire of “Mr. Bond”; 1st National Bourges (10221 birds), 1st (4621 birds), 1st (1964 birds), 2nd (2865 birds), 3rd (11404 birds), 5th (3189 birds), 7th (4932 birds), 8th (2833 birds) etc. “Mr. Bond”, was purchased by Eijerkamp and has contributed many champions to the Eijerkamp fame.

The Super 531 certainly left his mark as well as he was the grandfather of Oscar (the father of James Bond) and the Super 531, was also the grandfather of the Wonderboys 05 & 06.

You can see then, that “De Wandelaar” was 3/4 Janssen and as close as you could get to the original bloodlines used to establish the Smeulders Janssen family since he was a grandson of Jos Van Limpt Golden Pair “Vechter of ‘57” and “Witpenneke of ‘54” through his father Verbart 46 and he was a gr.grandson of the “Blauwe van 48”, the “Schoon Licht of ‘51”, and the “Oude Donkere of ‘50” through his mother, the daughter of Jan Grondelaers’ De Chateauroux.

However, “De Wandelaar” was 1/4 Cobut, and there is not a feather of Janssen origin to be found anywhere in the Cobut bloodlines. The Cobut bloodlines go back to Earnest Duray, three quarters of which were Bricoux bloodlines. Cobut, also had the Old Commine bloodlines, which he received from Leopold Coudou. Bricoux also used the Commine bloodlines especially the Napoleon line (Commine’s Napolean blood also played a major role in establishing the Andre Van Bruaene and Pierre Dordin families of race birds). The Bricoux and Duray lofts were decimated by confiscations during the second World War. Neither of them truly recovered from the destruction of their stock birds during the war. So after 1951, when Duray had sold out the last of his birds, Cobut began looking elsewhere to strengthen his breeding loft.

Very few birds were introduced to the Cobut lofts between 1951 and 1964. Articles written during this time period, show that there were several Cattrysse birds added, along with a bird from Delbar and a hen from Julien Mathijs. These few birds were the extent of his introductions, with no additional birds added after 1964, except for sharing the youngsters of a few top pairings with Jan Grondelaers.

I suppose that I have to correct my earlier statement, that: “there is not a feather of Janssen origin to be found anywhere in the Cobut bloodlines.” Certainly, with the sharing of young off a few choice matings of best to best between Cobut and Grondelaers, Cobut would have introduced the Janssen bloodlines into his family of birds, but this would not have happened until after 1969 and Cobut’s “Montauban” (the grandmother of “De Wandelaar”) was hatched in 1966, prior to the Grondelaers’ introductions.

As an interesting side note, the Julien Mathijs hen, had originally been purchased by Van Hee, but the bird handled “like a duck” and he did not like her. That is how she fell into the hands of Cobut who found something to appreciate about the bird and purchased her from Van Hee. Once moved into the Cobut breeding loft, the Mathijs hen proved her worth and became one of his best breeders.

In 1968, Jan Grondelaers’ De Chateauroux won 1st Semi-National Chateauroux. This was one of three wins from Chateauroux. He was 4 years in a row Ace Pigeon and two years in a row the 6th National Ace Pigeon. He also represented Belgium at the Brussels Olympiad. One year later, in 1969, Raymond Cobut’s “Montauban” won 1st National Hens. In 1970, Grondelaers purchased two national winners from Cobut, including the “Montauban”. Part of the negotiations was that several of the youngsters would return to Cobut. The best youngsters, came out of the Chateauroux x Montauban mating, and their grandson “De Wandelaar” seems to have left the most lasting impression upon the sport.

By the way, “De Chateauroux” when mated to the “Montauban”, not only produced the mother of “De Wandelaar”, but this pair also produced (B-71-5127592) “Koninginneke”, who won 1st National St. Vincent in 1972 and 1st Provincial Brive in 1973. In turn, “Koninginneke” was the mother of B-76-5208031, the 1st National Limoges winner, in 1978.

“De Chateauroux” and “Montauban”, were not only the grandparents of “De Wandelaar”, but they were also the grandparents of “De Sperwer” a full brother of “De Wandelaar”. Wim v.d.Pol of Goirle, won in 2000, the 1st National Ace WHZB Middle Distance, and also 1st Creil – Brabant 2000 – 8273 birds, with the “De Sperwer” blood.

“De Chateauroux” and “Montauban”, were the grandparents of “De Bourges” (B-73-5211298), 2nd Nat. Bourges 1975 against 15,000 pigeons and 1st Nat. Ace pigeon BDS Hafo. Roger Persoons had a grandson that won 2nd prize against 17,000 pigeons, from (you guessed it) Chateauroux!

Felix Pauwels had a great grand son of “De Chateauroux” called “Witoog” (B-80-2537151) that won 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB, in 1982. A sister of “De Chateauroux”, when mated to De Zwarte (41253-64) from Cobut, were the grandparents of “De Zwarten” (B-77-2520863), the 2nd National Ace Sprint Belgische Duivensport in 1981, for Felix Pauwels. “De Zwarten” also won the Versele-Laga International Championship, and a new car. “De Zwarten” was 6 x 1st & 2 x 2nd (beat by loftmate).

When you look at the pedigrees of Bert Champius' Famous 05, James Bond, and the Wonderboys 05 & 06, you see that they are all 100% Janssen based families from Wout Smeulders and Albert Van Der Flaes. I think, this is why the “De Wandelaar” is not so well known as a breeder, because he introduces the Cobut bloodlines to the story.

When the Smeulders and Van Der Flaes Janssen bloodlines are producing generation after generation of winners for over 30 years, culminating in 2 x 1st, 2nd and 4th National Ace Pigeons, you do not “advance that story” by stressing the importance of outside blood, you do not give the buying public a reason to look anywhere else, but to the original Janssen bloodlines.

That might explain why I never gave much weight to the contributions of “De Wandelaar” during this storied time in pigeon racing. You might think, from his lack of publicity, that he was just a “One Trick Pony”, but you would be wrong!

Returning now to the opening paragraph of this article, while researching pedigrees, I came across the pedigree of NL-86-339656, a daughter of “De Wandelaar” NL 80-1987017 when mated to NL78-2207007 a full sister of the Famous 05 and Annie (the mother of James Bond). Digging a little deeper, I was able to find another daughter of “De Wandelaar” and NL78-2207007. This daughter “NL-86-338966”, turned out to be the mother of nest mates “John” NL 91-1560050 (co-winner of the 1st National Sprint Championship Netherlands in 1993) and “Linda” NL 91-1560051 (co-winner of the 1st National Sprint Championship Netherlands in 1993). The next year, “Linda” had another sensational race season, winning 2nd National Ace Hen of the Netherlands WHZB, in 1994.

Imagine that, “De Wandelaar” and NL78-2207007 are the grandparents of
“Wonderboy 05” ~ 2nd National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 1990
“Wonderboy 06” ~ 4th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 1990
“John” ~ co-winner of the 1st National Sprint Championship 1993
“Linda” ~ co-winner of the 1st National Sprint Championship 1993
“Linda” ~ 2nd National Ace Hen of the Netherlands WHZB 1994

Let me repeat that a little differently, “De Wandelaar” and NL78-2207007 are the grandparents of two sets of nest mates who won between them: 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, and 4th National Ace Awards. Does anyone know of any other pair of breeders, that bred two children who in turn each bred a set of nest mates and each of those nest mates won National Ace Titles?

Now, that is a narrative that warrants recognition, so why have we not heard more about this wonder pair?

Well, the first strike against them is that “De Wandelaar” is 1/4 Cobut, which many might consider a pollution of the pure Janssen blood flowing through the Wout Smeulders and Albert Van Der Flaes families of race birds which were blended so successfully by Bertie Camphius.

The second strike is that the father of “John” and “Linda”, was a Van Loon cock from J Grootendorst. Let us not forget, that Mr. Aristona was 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance, in 1993 the same year that the nestmates “John” and “Linda” were co-winners of the 1st National Sprint Championship 1993. We all know who Mr. Aristona is, but who has ever heard of “John” and “Linda”?

When reviewing his pedigree, we find that Mr. Aristona is at least one or two generation further removed from the key birds (Famous 05, James Bond and the Wonderboys 05 & 06) , than are “John” and “Linda”, but Mr. Aristona maintains the narrative of the blending of the pure Janssen based families and “John” and “Linda” deviates from that narrative.

The third strike is that by the time Wonderboys 05 & 06 had won 2nd and 4th National Ace Pigeons, “De Wandelaar” would have been 10 years old and NL78-2207007 would have been 12 years old. By the time “John” and “Linda” won their national awards, “De Wandelaar” would have been 13 years old and NL78-2207007 would have been 15 years old. As so often happens, the true value of a pairing is not realized until the end of their lives or even later, when the best of the grandchildren make known their abilities.

Regardless of the politics or economics of the situation, “De Wandelaar” and NL78-2207007, are undisputed top level breeders, and there may never be another breeding pair that has accomplished what this pair has accomplished. “De Wandelaar” and NL78-2207007, are the grandparents of two sets of nest mates that won between them: 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd and 4th National Ace Pigeons.

Some days, when I am researching pedigrees, I find no new information, instead I just find more of what I already have. Occasionally, I stumbles upon a nugget long overlooked, a nugget that gives a whole new perspective to what has been in front of me for a long time.

In helping out a friend, back fill one of his pedigrees, I came across a pedigree for NL-86-338966, who was a full sister to NL-86-339656, the mother of Wonderboys 05 & 06. This pedigree led me to discover that the mother of “De Wandelaar” was a daughter of Grondelaers’ De Chateauroux (1st National Chateauroux) when mated to Raymond Cobut’s “Montauban”, the 1st National Montauban Hens winner.

Searching forward from the pedigree of NL-86-338966, I learned that she was the mother of “John” and “Linda”. That is when I realized that “De Wandelaar” and his mate NL78-2207007, might be two of the best foundation breeders ever, having bred two daughters who each bred a set of nest mates that won between them 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd and 4th National Ace Pigeons.

Just as a side note, Wonderboy 05 was the paternal grandsire of “Silvester” (Silver Star) NL 93-5334442, the 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint, of the Netherlands in 1997. The maternal grandsire of “Silverster” was James Bond, whose mother “Annie” was a full sister to NL78-2207007 (the maternal grandmother of Wonderboy 05).

Pedigrees are interesting, sometimes they tell you nothing and sometimes they tell you everything.

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