Favori bred by Jean – Marie Duqueny

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"Favori" is considered one of the best long distance racing pigeons of all time. Flown by Jean & Marie Duqueny of France. He was the best International racer during the years 1984 / 87.

His sire was named ‘Hovaert’ after the name of the breeder who sold him to Jean & Marie Duqueny, and that name might sound familiar to some of you, as 'Hovaert' was the brother of ‘Super Crack Crusson’.

The 'Super Crack Crusson' also has three national wins and went on to breed many national and international winners for Robert Venus, who purchased him from Crusson after his third national win. Crusson purchased Super Crack as a youngbird from from the fancier Hovaert with no pedigree and his ancestry is not known, though many suspected him to have been Sion based.

Possibly, Mike Ganus' best breeder of the late 80's and 1990's was the famous “Grangers Diamond”, granddaughter of “SUPER CRACK CRUSSON”, through his son Goliath.

Just as 'Super Crack' was sold to Robert Venus, 'Hovaert', was sold to Jim Biss of the UK, and went on to breed many great birds.

Here is "Favori's" record:

1984: 27th Tours, 22nd open National Pau, 338th open International Pau, 29th open National Lourdes, 289th open International Lourdes, 28th open National Perpignan, 370th International Perpignan, He then finished the 1984 season with three sprint wins and a huge amount of pool money.

1985: 245th Bourges, 27th Argenton, 37th open National Pau, 202nd open International Pau, 1st open National Lourdes, 7th open International Lourdes, 48th open National Perpignan, 814th open International Perpignan,

1986: 171st Tours, 83rd Poitiers, 12th open National Pau, 51st open International Pau, 9th open National Lourdes, 151st open International Lourdes, 1st open National Perpignan, 8th open International Perpignan, 15th Sourterraine,

1987: 157th Bourges, 169th open National Pau, 908th open International Pau, 5th open National Lourdes, 44th open International Lourdes, 1st open National Perpignan, 26th open International Perpignan.

‘Favori’ was the ‘Golden Wing’ winner in 1986. He was also the best International racer during the years 1984 thru 1987. A world class performance!

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